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Running the Sahara 2006
Currently the team are working in Africa with Kate Leeming, an endurance cyclist
who has already completed a Trans-Siberian expedition and a trip of more than
25,000km in Australia.

The expedition consists of a  bicycle journey of more than 20,000km across Africa
from Senegal in the west to the Horn of Africa in the east, exploring the realms of
the Sahel, Central African and the Rift Valley regions.

The purpose of the project is to learn firsthand about the causes and
consequences of extreme poverty and through the story of the expedition which
unfolds, educate and inspire actions which will assist in making communities
more sustainable and resilient to the issues. Essentially this is about giving a ‘leg
up’ NOT a ‘hand out’."

The company previously was involved in a project to supply logistical back up to
the world's leading ultra-marathon runner Charlie Ingle during his Trans-America
run in 2008.

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expedition support is led by
a very experienced team and helps
run expeditions effectively,
providing logistical expertise, crew
and advice.
With over four decades of commercial trans continental trips and
expeditions, the team has the experience in leading, organising,
recruitment and management as well as the necessary contacts to
ensure in an uncertain world that problems are minimised costs
controlled and expeditions run effectively and safely.
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